The Christian Message About Homosexuality

By | October 10, 2013

Not long ago I had a brief discussion with someone regarding Homosexuality and Christians. As I understand it, they hold that since non-Christians generally believe that homosexuality is ok, Christians need to be a counter-balance, letting people know that it’s not ok. (This obviously assumes that homosexuality is wrong; the discussion of whether homosexuality is a sin or not is beyond the scope of this post.) I see what this person is saying. It seems logical. But it brought a couple of questions to my mind.

First, are people outside the church here in the U.S. more likely to know that homosexuality is wrong or that Jesus loves them anyway?

Second, is the message that homosexuals have received more likely to be that homosexuality is wrong and they should abstain, or that Christians believe that homosexuality is wrong and therefore don’t accept homosexuals, and God probably doesn’t either?

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