Movie Review: Edward Scissorhands

By | January 19, 2004

This is a great movie, with many levels of rich meaning that can be taken from it. The angle that I took the most from was this: Edward’s Scissor hands were what made him special, and were what allowed him to create beautiful works of art, from sculpted hedges to unique hair cuts, that brought joy and happiness to the community he lived in. Yet at the same time, they were the one thing that kept him from fitting in, and they kept him at a distance from most everyone. While people loved him for what he did for him, they kept him at arms length, not caring about Edward himself, so much as what they were getting from him. Edward would have in a moment given up his hands, his uniqueness, his beauty, for a chance to be normal, and a chance to draw closer to someone. Amazingly, he almost succeeds (briefly does) at meaningful relationships when one family decides to love him, even though they don’t fully understand him or know what they’re getting into. They decide that he is a person who deserves to be cared for as anyone else. The daughter Kim eventually discovers Edward’s beautiful heart, when he allows himself to be used by others to his detriment. Unfortunately, the masses are not nearly so caring. They change their minds on a whim and rumor, and eventually chase him back out of town. It is interesting, that although Kim cares for him, she doesn’t end up reciprocating the love that Edward has shown to her. She has partially, albeit somewhat reluctantly, been one of those who used Edward with selfish motives. By the end, she is the only one who can clear Edward of all the things he is accused of, and tell of his caring side, yet she does non of this. At last, she does really the least she can do, by making the mob who was chasing Edward believe that he is dead, so that they stop their pursuit. She herself never returns to him. Yes, this movie is a true tragedy, but let us learn from it.

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