Seeing the Beauty in Others

By | October 14, 2013

Jonalyn Grace Fincher created a video inspired by my recent post, “Respect Women, But…“. How cool is that? Jonalyn shares many good thoughts regarding seeing people and looking for a person’s true beauty beyond the surface. I am honored that she took the time to do this. Watch the video and see what Jonalyn has to say here. After that you may want to check out and support Jonalyn and her husband’s organization Soulation.

A few thoughts on what she discusses: I have recognized that I find some people more attractive than others, and that naturally I am more drawn to those people. I have chosen not to worry too much about this, not worrying if I am treating everyone the same. After all, attraction is natural and I don’t feel like I should apologize for it. That said, I always try to consider people as people, regardless of their attractiveness. I have heard of men only seeing women based on their attractiveness. This idea is foreign to me. I try to respect everyone and recognize that they may be great people which I would enjoy knowing, even if they aren’t outwardly attractive on first impression.

One woman I knew said she realized that in movies, the difference between a romantic guy and a stalker was how the woman felt about him. If she liked him, she thought the things he did were romantic. If she doesn’t like him, then she thinks he is creepy and (perhaps) stalkerish. I think this is true in life too. I talked about this more in a post titled “Creepy Guys“.

photo credit: brandsvig via photopin cc

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