Bible as a Playbook Metaphor

By | February 12, 2012

There are some Christians so focused on the Bible that they seem to discount everything else. They want sermons which focus on studying passages of scripture and small groups or Sunday school classes which are Bible studies. The Bible does set the foundation for knowing Christ. I have read and studied the Bible extensively myself. However, as I’ve explained before, I believe Christianity is as much or more about action as it is about knowledge.

Every football team has a playbook. It explains each person’s responsibilities for various different plays. The players must study and learn these plays so that they know exactly what to do when a specific play is called during the game. I’d like to make the suggestion that the Bible, in a certain way, is like a playbook. Just as it would be pointless to study a playbook but never play a game, it’s pointless to study the bible without ever practicing what it instructs. (I believe the bible is much more than a playbook and is better understood as something other than a manual for life. I am simply using this limited metaphor for to make this specific point.)

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