The Bible and Sexuality Part 3

By | November 5, 2011

Love As Primary

This topic is a continuation from the previous post.

The next question is, what do we do with this? Assuming the principals of sexual morality still apply, what are the practical implications for today? Should we pass laws forbidding them? Should we make sure everyone knows that the bible condemns such practices, and that we do to? Should we make sure not to associate with anyone who participates in such actions? These are all legitimate questions.

In order to decide what we need to do, we have to look at what our fundamental beliefs about Christianity are. Issues of sexuality can certainly cause (at least apparent) conflict between different values we hold to, such as loving people but hating sin. Which one wins? Is it more important to make sure people know about their sin and make sure we don’t accept sin, or is it more important to show them love? (Click here to read my definition of love.) I believe that love is the foremost virtue. Therefore, love must come first in our response to matters of sexual immorality.

This topic is continued here.

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