How Christianized do Ordinary Activities Have to Be?

By | April 21, 2006

A question along these lines came into my head at bible study last night. Some one was talking about how they got together with one of their friends to play video games, but before they started the guy prayed to thank God for the opportunity to hang out. He was making the classic point of making all of life about God.

My question though is how… overt and/or conscience does it have to be about God, in order for it to be about God? I really don’t know for sure. One thing I guess I’ve struggled with is that I usually don’t “feel” christian, at least in how it’s communicated to me that I should feel, and in addition, I often am not consciously thinking about God. I’m not sure that means I’m less holy though. I guess my intuition says that it’s not so much about how much you sound like a christian, or how often you think about something christian, but it’s how you love those around you in your daily life.

One of my highest things is that I want to be honest in regards to my faith. I feel that often the things that conservative christians say are a lot of smoke if you will. I think people say many things that they been taught, I perhaps believe them (or try to convince themselves) because they think they have to, or think that it’s foundational to christianity or whatever. I feel this sometimes makes chrisitians less honest, because we have become more concerned with making the correct doctrinal statement rather than being honest.

And what is there to be afraid of? If what we believe is true, then what harm is there in being honest? The problem is that I think we hold to a number of things that aren’t true, or are misunderstood, and perhaps on some level people realize that they may not stand up. I don’t feel that it is wrong to question beliefs which are popularly held among christians. If they are true, they can stand up to the questions. I think we would make a lot of headway if we would start being honest and real about our lives and faith. I think that this could do much towards breaking down the barrier between our christian faith and our everyday lives.

photo credit: nathangibbs via photopin cc

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