Thoughts From “Crash” – Racism

By | April 14, 2006

I recently watched the movie “Crash”. It is a good movie that makes you think, especially about the subject of race and discrimination. It shows people in tough, “between a rock and hard place”, situations, which I appreciated because I think that is real. There are some situations which people are in which are like, “do you want a job and to have money to live or do you want to do the right thing?”

Also, it isn’t always stereotypical. There is one case of a black prosecutor who wants to investigate a case of a white man shooting a black man, because he has real doubts to the idea that the white guy was in the wrong. However others just want to make the white guy out to be a racist.

Though I do believe these thing happen, most of the movie shows situations at their worst, which is frankly quite frustrating and depressing. However, it does also show hope. One woman who was quite racist realizes that those who she thought were her friends, who looked similar and were of similar class, ditched her when she needed them. On the other hand, her Hispanic housekeeper helped her when she fell, and she realized how much she cared for her.

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