Shrewd as Snakes: Forceful Messages

By | April 17, 2012

There are some messages I have heard which might be described as powerful, strong, or forceful. There is a world of difference between a message which is powerful because it boldly speaks the truth, and one which seems strong because of the aggressiveness of the messenger. This is a very dangerous situation, because a convincing messenger can make a message appear that it must be true based on the delivery rather than the content itself. A forceful messenger can make it seem that to disagree with their message would not only be wrong but would be foolish. Note that this is irregardless of the actual content of the message.

Done well, a person could almost convince us of something absurd, such as there being a colony of pigs on the moon. However this becomes much more dangerous when the message is mixed with many nuggets of truth brought together to make an untrue point, as often happens in Christianity. Unfortunately this will certainly lead many people astray. The message sounds very good even though it’s untrue. This is common but many people can’t see it.

So be sure to be discerning of the messages you hear. Don’t be persuaded solely based on a speaker’s charisma or an author’s conviction.

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