Loss of Freedom

By | January 10, 2005

This is crazy. I just heard about a couple of people who were at a public transportation station in Chicago, minding their own business. Suddenly the police came and detained them, just because they had their cameras out. Apparently the police called and checked with the federal homeland security whatever, and threatened to confiscate their film. Finally, they let them go, but they said they were registered on the list, and were told that it was illegal to take a picture of anything related to transportation, planes, trains, bridges, etc.!

I find this crazy. Sounds more like a story one would’ve heard from the “eastern block” or U.S.S.R. back in a day, but it was here in America in the past couple of days. It seems to me that terrorists have succeeded in terrifying at least some people. I think we shouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

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