I’m voting for Ron Paul

By | May 5, 2008

While not surprising, I find this kind of annoying and frustrating. A person came by the apartment today trying to get me to support Obama in the primary. At first she asked, “Have you decided who you’re voting for?” I replied confidently, “Ron Paul.” She seemed stunned, and confused and started saying things like, “He’s not on the ballot,” and “He used to be running for the Republican nomination but dropped out.” I’m pretty certain that’s not the case, so I think she has her facts wrong there. It maybe true he can’t win now, but he is still on the ballot. She finally seemed to collect herself and said, “I understand wanting to support Ron Paul (yeah, I believe you), but we need to support change, and Obama supports change.” I was thinking, “Ron Paul has got to be a bigger change than Obama.” I don’t like the idea that people wont vote for who they support because they think that person doesn’t have a chance or their vote “won’t count.” What if no one had supported Obama at the beginning because they didn’t think he could beat Clinton?

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