Christian Band Sues Rossford Schools

By | March 26, 2005

Christian band sues Rossford schools
This to me is another example of how christians seem to be off track. While I think it’s ironic, and perhaps deserving that the school’s is getting sued because they were afraid of getting sued, but at the same time I don’t really know if this should be the christian response. After all, Jesus didn’t seem to concerned with making a show of power in the political realm. However it seems the basic christian idea now days is that we have to fight for our rights and make everyone know we’re a political force. I realize I may not be explaining this well, but something in this story just doesn’t sit right with me.

I guess maybe it’s like this: by simply fighting back by suing the school, the band is playing by the rules of the world, and thus being no different than anyone else in the world. Would it perhaps have made more of a statement if they choose not to fight back in this way? I guess to me it says something, says that there is more going on than what is seen, to say, “Yes we think we’ve been wronged and disagree with this decision, but we’re going to go along with it.”

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