The Lord’s Prayer Commentary 4

By | December 19, 2009

4. “Provide for our needs today.”

* Again, this doesn’t say, “Provide for my needs today”, though I used to think of it that way in my mind, as you may have as well. Are your needs not being met? It probably isn’t because God isn’t providing—God has provided enough—it’s because someone isn’t sharing (make sure it isn’t you!).

* Also, it doesn’t say, “Fulfill all our wants today.” God knows and plans to take care of our needs, but not necessarily give us everything we want. Additionally, we usually think we need more than we actually do (especially in our culture).

* Furthermore, it doesn’t say, “Provide for our needs for the month/year/rest of our lives,” etc. We pray simply for today, concerning ourselves primarily with living in the present moment. Along with this, we must have patience, trusting in God to care for us. We shouldn’t worry too much about tomorrow and the future beyond that (though this doesn’t negate wise planning).

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