The Idolatry of Marriage

By | October 8, 2013

My cousin Jonathan has created another excellent blog post. He does a good job of talking about something which is so normal in our culture that 98% of us are oblivious to it. What I’m speaking about is how we’ve over-emphasized marriage and “romance”, expecting them to be the ultimate, saving experience in our lives. It’s what Dan Brennan calls the “Romantic Myth”.

When Christians aren’t loving enough, singles must bear more loneliness than they ought, and spouses must rely on each other more than they ought.

The problem is that if the beauty of married intimacy is all there is, you will be left wondering–Maybe it’s me? Maybe it’s her? Maybe I married the wrong person? Maybe I need to buy the right book?

What if intimacy, joy, and closeness really are found in Jesus? What if married people, not just singles, can find it there?

Read the full article here.

photo credit: analogophile via photopin cc

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