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By | July 16, 2002

(This is an excerpt from a post I made on another message board.)

The church

  • should start caring more about what’s going on outside the walls of their own building
  • shouldn’t expect people who don’t believe in God to act like it anyway.
  • should be more concerned about others, and allow them to be honest rather than…
  • shouldn’t be obsessed about how they’re being offended, their own rights, or own agendas.
  • should become known for how they love, rather than what/who they hate/stand against.
  • ought to start looking different than the world, living with different values, rather than just buying into the consumeristic paradigm.
  • should start encouraging one another daily, not just attend a program every week or so.
  • should start taking up the cause of the widow and the orphans, of the downcast and cast out.
  • should allow it’s members to “work out” their salvation, rather than saying that everything has already been worked out.
  • should allow us to be human on an ongoing journey, rather than pushing us to simply “look good.”
  • should start preaching the true word of God, rather than just placating their own members’ comfortable lifestyles.
  • should be the main group getting dirty, helping out those who no one else wants do deal with. From the drunk at the bar to the beggar on the street.
  • shouldn’t try to convert the culture for ourselves, with our own “christian” coffee shops, music, etc.

If we were simply the church the way it’s supposed to be, I bet we wouldn’t have to try and force Christianity on people.

On the bright side church as we know it today will be more or less be dead within our life time. Maybe we can actually get something closer to what it’s supposed to be like then.

photo credit: BurgTender via photopin cc

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