Spiritual Growth

By | September 29, 2015
  • I believe that spiritual growth is a journey, and the journey is not always straight forward.
  • I believe that spiritual transformation is a slow, gradual process, measured more in terms of years rather than days and weeks. (So be patient.)
  • I believe that spiritual growth happens best when we are continually, repeatedly reminded of God’s perspective (a.k.a. a kingdom and biblical perspective) on us and the world.
  • I believe that relationships are one of the primary contexts for growth. This is in part because relationships are one of the best sources for encouraging us through the challenges of life and for reminding us of the truth of God’s perspective amidst these challenges.

Conclusion: Have a community in which you engage over the long term, one in which you have healthy space to move forward on your spiritual journey and are encouraged and reminded of the truths of God’s kingdom.

photo credit: Sunrise Over Haskell Canyon Open Space via photopin (license)

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