Shrewd as Snakes: Holiness vs. Love

By | November 22, 2013

I really resonated with a video Dale Fincher recently shared on his blog. I feel like he captures a lot of what I try to communicate on my blog. I don’t believe I was ever really in fundamentalist circles, but I have been in the neo-reformed type of groups Dale mentioned, and most of my religious background has been either there or in similar organizations.

I especially liked what Dale says about love vs. “holiness”. In my experience, the word “holiness” hasn’t been used much, but still the focus has been on morality, not sinning, and keeping up appearances. If you understand this as my background, I would guess it would make more sense why I say the things I do and emphasize the importance of love (properly understood). I also like how Dale points out that merely labeling an action “loving” (“speaking the truth in love” for example) doesn’t make it loving.

photo credit: Eric Bégin via photopin cc

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