Shortcomings in Contemporary Praise Music

By | June 6, 2008

An excellent article can be found here on the some of the problems with contemporary praise music. The article focuses on lyrical content, and makes some great points. I think this is half of the reason I’m not a fan of most contemporary praise music myself. The other half is that the musical style/genre isn’t very appealing to me, or in other words, I don’t connect with it. I’m not one who promotes hymns either though. While there may be many hymns in existence, as much or more so than contemporary songs, it seems that only a handful are ever used. Though I grew up with hymns in church, I don’t consider myself an expert because I haven’t paid much attention to most of them since I started thinking about these things. However it seems to me that they have their lyrical shortcomings as well, not to mention their out of date musical style.

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