By | June 8, 2013

Recently I’ve been thinking more about the idea of the Sabbath—taking a break from work one day a week. This is not a new concept; I’ve read or heard a number of people talk about the value of the Sabbath and the idea of resting from work. But for most of my life, I haven’t been busy enough to really feel like I needed a break. That’s changed this past year. My schedule is filled to the effective limit (meaning I still have some free time but it’s just the minimal amount I need). This past April was especially busy and stressful. So in May I found myself feeling the need for rest. I’m pretty busy through the week so I have generally not been planning much on the weekends. Saturday is my day to catch up on things like laundry. But I’m trying to get all those those “need to do” items done on Saturday so that I can rest on Sunday. It has been good for me to have a day with out an agenda. I don’t go to a church service on Sunday mornings (my church meets Tuesday nights). I get up when I want and may watch some sports on TV, read, take a road trip, or whatever I feel like doing.

(Note: I want to be clear that what I’ve described is not actually keeping the Sabbath, which is on Saturday. Nevertheless, I feel it is in the spirit of the Sabbath.)

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