Questions: Worship

By | September 30, 2014

How important are worship services? Is it important to have the best music possible? Is it important and/or effective to have a lot of people attend just because they like the music? What’s the difference between worship music and a concert? Is there always a difference? Is it a problem to have mediocre music? What style should worship music be? Should it cater to everyone or only the majority? What if people don’t like the style of worship music? Ought they be engaged in the singing anyway? What if a person would rather play an instrument than sing? Is there a place for them to worship? What about people who would prefer to dance or paint or pray or something else? How should the worship leaders (including a band or choir if present) present themselves? Should they even be visible at all? Or should they do everything in their power to not draw attention to themselves (plain clothing, no movement, etc.)? Or does it make more sense if they display signs of being “into” the music, such as moving with the rhythm of the song? Is it wrong to enjoy the music? Or are there only certain appropriate ways of expressing that enjoyment?

photo credit: susieq3c via photopin cc

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