Questions: God’s Love?

By | November 11, 2014

Dale Fincher recently shared a short video in which a pair of prominent theologians speak. He used this as a launching point for discussing God’s love. This video sparked a number of questions in my mind. Watch the video and consider the following:

What do you think? Is it dangerous to share God’s love? Does that make people apathetic? What do we mean (or think of) when we talk about love and/or God’s love? Do we think of love only as soft and sappy? Does Jesus fit our picture of love? Do people need to have the “hell scared out of them”? Is the fear of God’s wrath the door to salvation? For everyone? Or do only some people need this? Does God’s love need to be balanced with “truth” or “wrath”, etc.? Are those things in tension? Does God “detest the wicked”?

photo credit: Lex”i”con via photopin cc

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