Prevent a War With Iran

By | June 21, 2008

I haven’t taken this too seriously until now, because I thought it was such a ridiculous idea. But apparently now our government is considering a proposal that would bring us closer to a war with Iran. We can’t afford another war either in financial terms or in terms of manpower. From my understanding, our military has already been stretched nearly to the limit in order to be involved in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Getting into a war with Iran would leave of us so over committed that we wouldn’t be able to respond if a really crisis or threat actually arose, making us less secure and more vulnerable. It could likely also bankrupt us. You see, the government pays the billions of dollars it costs to fight a war by borrowing money. This money isn’t free; it has to be paid back with interest. It’s my understanding that we already have to pay nearly a half trillion dollars a year in interest. This number is going to grow anyway as more debt comes due, but the more we spend now the more we have to pay later. We might not like the Iranian government too much, but I don’t believe we can afford a war with them.

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