By | June 20, 2011

One day you are walking along the street. You happen to see something which looks really wrong. A couple of people appear to be planting a bomb. You think quickly, call 911, and report what’s happening, along with the vehicle that the men drive away in. Thanks to your actions, the men are caught. It turns out that you averted a terrorist attack, and led to the capture of the terrorists!

Of course the news picks up on this, and paints you as a hero. You receive numerous awards and recognitions. Due to all of this, you become somewhat of a regional celebrity. Through this, you meet the governor, and he ends up appointing you to an important position on a homeland security committee. Through this, you become good friends with the governor and his family. Things seem to be going quite well.

One morning, you hear a frantic knock on your front door. You find your best friend, the governor’s son, on the front step, frantic and out of breath. He tells you that, for some reason, the governor has become jealous of your popularity, and so has framed you in a huge scandal. He says the police are on their way right at the moment to arrest you and that you must flee immediately!

You grab an extra set of clothes and take off—luckily before the police arrive—and head out of state. You think that surely this will get sorted out soon. One day turns into two. Two days turn into two weeks. Weeks turn into months. On and off through this time, you are still being chased by those who previously hailed you as a hero. You are nearly caught on multiple occasions, but somehow manage to escape arrest.

You always feel like you can’t live like this much longer, yet this lasts for seven years. Through this time, you keep a journal of what basically amounts to prayers to God. Could you imagine at the time that 4000 years later, billions of people across the world would be reading these prayers you wrote?

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