How to Be Here – Rob Bell

By | May 4, 2021

How to Be Here is the eighth book by Rob Bell. As many of you may be aware, Bell was a pastor who started what became a large church in Michigan. In most of his earlier books (and his Nooma videos before this), he is clearly more pastoral. His message in these works was more related to Christianity, faith, God, the Bible, etc. However, there is virtually none of this in How to Be Here. The book sits firmly in the positive, motivational, self help genre. Most of the book is actually an encouragement to create and to view one’s life as an opportunity to contribute to the world. It’s only during the last section of the book where Bell talks about being present. Arguably though, being present is important to recognizing the opportunity surrounding oneself every day.

If you are inspired by this type of work, then this book is a worthwhile read. Bell addresses many of the challenges which come—many from within us—when we try to create or make some other positive impact in the world. The book is easy to read and will encourage one to push through the road blocks and resistance one will encounter, both internally and externally.

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