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By | December 1, 2015

Sometimes I forget, since I don’t stay in these environments myself, that not all churches / spiritual communities are healthy. In fact, I expect that many are not at all healthy (though I don’t know how one could measure the extent of this). One big example is that many religious communities have the paradigm that they are the protectors of truth. From this perspective, any doubt or questioning may well be seen as a threat and strongly discouraged, most often through various social consequences. However, questioning and exploring is the way knowledge and understanding.

Another example is that religious groups may expect people to relate to certain others in unhealthy ways based how they’ve decided a passage in the Bible (or other religious text for other religions) should be understood. For example, in the Antebellum South, people used the Bible to support slavery and racism.

There is ever increasing talk about churches are failing and how Christianity is in decline in the U.S. This is especially true for younger generations. Many people these days don’t go to church and would never consider stepping into a church. This may be for fear of judgement, because church is a rather foreign environment, and/or because church simply seems irrelevant. Ironically though it shouldn’t be surprising, people now express having as much spiritual interest as ever. It’s clear that churches are largely failing in the area which ought to be their strength.

Into this mess steps organizations such as Freedom Builders / Soulation. This small organization is providing a place for people to explore (a.k.a. question and doubt) issues which are controversial in the church and even in the culture at large, such as gender and sexuality. They are also helping people to process and heal from spiritually abusive environments they have been in. Freedom Builders is helping people to become healthy. They are ministering to people whom the church has failed or even hurt. (This is often due to how many churches are clinging to old, status quo paradigms.)

I believe Freedom Builders is providing a vital, much needed ministry service. This is why I choose to support them. I’m not sure on the exact details, but my educated guess is that they run their entire organization off of little to any more than a single family income. They have done more and would like to continue to do more, however their funding is limited. But you can help out. Even a small gift can make a difference. Go to their website to learn more and see how you can help.

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