Books I’ve Read This Past Year

By | December 30, 2010

I didn’t keep track, so I believe I read all of these in the past year. I may have also finished some others which I have forgotten.

  • Organic Church – Neil Cole
  • Search & Rescue (a.k.a. Ordinary Hero) – Neil Cole
  • Organic Leadership – Neil Cole
  • God’s Not Dead (and neither are we) (a.k.a. First and Forgotten) – Jerry Wilson
  • Christ In Y’all – Neil Carter
  • Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller
  • Searching for God Knows What – Donald Miller
  • Mastering Audio – Bob Katz
  • Has Christianity Failed You? – Ravi Zacharias
  • One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven – Mark Cahill
  • Transformation – Bob Roberts Jr. (I can’t remember if I started or finished this last year or this year)
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