Book Review: Through My Windows

By | October 24, 2014

The rap artist known as Soup the Chemist a.k.a. Super C (probably best known for his project S.F.C.) recently released a book titled “Through My Windows”. The subtitle of the book, “The History Behind Holy Hip Hop”, is a bit misleading. In reality, this is Soup’s autobiography. He was one of the earliest “holy hip hop” artists, and he was involved longer than most. So one does learn some about “holy hip hop” from reading his book. Yet the book is Soup’s reflections rather than a history of the genre.

Soup moves between telling stories and sharing things he’s come to believe in. He does more of the former early on, then shifts toward the latter late in the book. The teaching part—or almost preaching at times—I felt was the weaker part of the book. I can understand his desire to share these things, however they didn’t seem to fit well in the flow of story telling and he didn’t have enough space to develop his arguments. I felt that the book started to get slightly bogged down for this reason toward the end. Also, there are a few errors in the book: a few times a paragraph was repeated, the wrong type set in one place, and a couple of other typos.

Overall one gets an inside look behind the scenes of Christian/gospel/holy hip hop. Soup tells it like it was, and doesn’t seem to cover over the bad parts nor make himself look better than he is/was. I applaud him for his willingness to be open and honest. Because of the independent nature of the book, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But fans will enjoy the stories and insight. (It was also fun to find a picture of one of my friends with Soup toward the back of the book.)

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