Being Loved

By | April 22, 2012

I’d like to suggest that being loved is an action. However, I think it is commonly viewed as a state of being instead. Our perception is that if we have friends and family then we are in a state of being loved. But I’m suggesting this isn’t quite right. I think being loved is something that we continually need. Unfortunately we often view it differently. We do one thing for someone and think that’s it. “See, I love you.” But being loved is like eating or breathing: it’s something we must continually receive. Knowing we have friends and family who care about us is great. But we still need to experience their love. I can know there are people who care about me, but still feel unloved. Unfortunately this typically confuses and/or insults people. (“How can you feel unloved? I’m your friend.”) But I think this is because we’re thinking about it wrong. I can know there is plenty of food in the kitchen and still feel hungry. The problem isn’t in the knowing, it’s in the tangible experience.

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