A Modern Parable

By | March 23, 2006

A man was walking downtown one day, and as he was going along his way, he was attacked, beaten badly and robbed. The assailants fled the scene and, unfortunately for the man, no one had witnessed the incident, so there was presently no one to help the man and call for further assistance.

The man lay on the ground unable to move because of his injuries. He believed that he was in real danger of expiring due to either his external or internal wounds. However, soon he could see someone walking towards him down the street. It was a priest! “Thank God!” thought the man, “He’ll certainly help me, I am surely saved now.” Yet as the priest drew near he passed by the man as if he had not noticed him.

The man was in a state of disbelief and felt even weaker and his wounds hurt all the more. But he saw another person walking towards him—it was a pastor! “Oh thank God! I’m sure that he will take care of me.” thought the man. And yet the pastor passed by the man as well. “For the love of God! Now I am certain that I will die here.” the man despaired, “If neither of these men would help me, surely no one else will.”

The man was nearly ready to pass out from the combination of his physical state and his disappointment in the neglect he had experienced. He didn’t even see the last man as he approached him. As this last man began to put his coat around the man and care for him, the man started to regain his senses. He looked at his rescuer and was startled to realize that this man was an Arab*!

The Arab put the man in his car and rushed him to the hospital. He stayed there long enough to be sure that the man was going to be o.k., and told the staff that he would pay any expense if the man could not pay himself.

* Alternately insert here a punk, Hispanic, goth, druggie, prostitute, business man, Asian, black, white, homeless beggar, or whomever you might have a bias against.

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