7. Can we find a way to address human sexuality without fighting about it?

By | November 2, 2011

7. Can we find a way to address human sexuality without fighting about it?

Those who are observant may have noticed that I never finished a series I started last year. I intended to, but the subject matter of this question is difficult. It’s a big topic, and I had considered launching a whole series to address it. As I thought about what I would say, I came up with more questions than conclusions, which is why I haven’t written about it until now.

I think the simple answer to the above question is “No, at least not any time soon,” because people have strongly held beliefs on each side. That being said, I nevertheless want to take the time to offer a few further thoughts on the subject.

My first thought is that, while not specifically stated this way, the question is asking about homosexuality. I say this because is it obviously a “hot” issue right now, and Brian McLaren has spoken up on the topic previously. Yet I believe it is not fair to talk about Christianity and homosexuality apart from talking about Christianity and sexuality in general. So I’m launching a mini-series over the next few posts to finally address the issue of sexuality.

This blog post is part of a series.

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