Scot McKnight, N.T. Wright Interviews with Frank Viola

By | February 29, 2012

I don’t normally share links on my blog unless specifically writing about the content myself. This is mainly because it takes much more effort than it does to share in other ways. I use Google reader, which used to allow sharing of blog posts to a feed. (Unfortunately, Google removed this option, though previously shared items are still viewable.) Now I primarily share links on Facebook. In any case, I have chosen to participate in a “promote one another” day. So take a moment to check out these insightful interviews with two leading authors (and subscribe to Frank’s blog—it’s excellent):

Scot McKnight Interview: “The King Jesus Gospel” & McKnight Responds to Critics

N.T. Wright Interview: “Simply Jesus” & Wright Responds to Critics

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  • Mason Grimes

    I am impressed with your work, very professional.

    You advertised writing book reviews. Would you review my blog that I also posted on Shameless Promotion Day of Frank’s. I think the subject is very important, yet no one comments. I need someone to give an honest opinion with out concern of my feelings.

    Also I am working on an article or book which I might need some one to be critique.