Glorifying War

By | November 14, 2004

Last weekend I was over in Ohio with some friends, and we ended up going to the air force museum in our free time. Typical of guys, they were quite interested in all the planes and thought it was really cool. I however was actually kind of freaked out by the place. A photo section got me to thinking about how we, often in movies and more so in recruitment ads, glorify war in many ways, making soldiers out to be heroes, etc. They had there a large section on world war II. I lead me to think that it was the darkest time in modern history. Some of the world’s greatest races, Germans, Italians, and Japanese, used their great power to end up killing millions, decimating cities, and oppressing everyone. I think now that I find the whole thought of war to be offensive. We should do whatever we can to live in peace with our neighbors.

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  • gRegor

    sounds like you’re turning into a hippie-liberal-commie-pinko. ;-]

  • Fuzz_You

    you ought to check out “All quiet on the western front” It is an old anti war movie(1929) that depicts the lives and deaths of four german men in WWI. The message of the movie is similar to what you are saying. just so you know I have seen it twice, and I am not giving you a review of a review.